Hello, Friends.


Over the past few years I have authored a few bliggidy-blogs. The original (also named The Light Traveler) is floating around in cyber space and is riddled with stories and thoughts from the high school days up until sometime last year. Said blog shall remain a mysterious blip in the abyss that is the world wide interwebz, unless I decide to resurface it someday, which probably won't -but could- happen. It's just too soon to tell. 

The other blog is called Seventeen Days Apart and is a collaboration with my soul sista-cousin-gurl-frand, Anna. It can be found here.

And now, I'm working with this site. It's the new and improved Light Traveler. It shall chronicle the life and times of a girl (me) making art, failing to make art, eating food, foraging, living in middle Georgia, graduating college, and figuring out what to do after that...
[I feel compelled to point out that at this very moment,  the "Beauty School Dropout" scene of Grease is playing on the nearby television, and I would be lying if I said I didn't feel a bit uneasy writing about graduation plans while Frankie Avalon all too casually sings about nightmarish scenarios like flunking midterms and not being cut out to hold a job. HORRORS.]
But lo, the fateful spring day is pending on which I will march gleefully across the stage on front campus and receive a decoy diploma. Correct, it will not be a real diploma, as at that point I will still be several credits short of graduating, with one last Spanish class to take in May and *hopefully* a few more to complete whilst studying abroad in Italy. I shall keep you posted as I update TLT with happenings and plans. 

All that to say, this is the blog of a Light Traveler. 
Happy reading, folks.