A couple days ago I presented at the Georgia College Student Research Conference. A few other friends of mine also presented in their respective ares of study. The conference went well for a few reasons, the first of which being that I finally had a reason to wear the closest thing I own to "business/professional" and walk into the building with my Econ-major friend decked out in the classiest of navy suits. This experience made me feel like something I will never be: a semi-powerful CEO.
The other reasons the conference was a success are non-sartorial. My presentation focused on the work I have been producing over the course of this school year, the research and thought-processes that went into it, and technical elements of the paintings (use of negative space, composition, reason for square format, why oil for some and acrylic for others, etc..). Essentially, the conference gave me an opportunity to explain what I've been doing for the past several months, and why - things that can't simply be inferred by viewing the finished products alone. Also, some ray-o'-sunshine roomies and friends came to watch me. Too kind, I tell you. Too kind.

Coming up on Wednesday the senior Studio Art majors will install our exhibition. Eleven paintings of mine - the colorful, tedious, incredibly time-consuming paint-baby I have been spending the last four months producing - will at last make its grand-ish debut into the world, via collegiate group exhibition, Synchronicity. In the exhibition my show is tentatively titled In Defense of Flowers. A show within a show, that is. Much like Inception, only with lower stakes and fewer famous people.

On Sunday, several more of my paintings will be popping up downtown in Milledgeville's very own Blackbird Coffee. This past week was, this weekend is, and this coming week will be quite paint-centric, but despite the fact that producing two bodies of work at once can be a bit of a work load, it's very exciting. Huzzah for the homestretch!