For the past month I have been back home in my American motherland. This time has largely consisted of unpacking, babysitting, painting, harvesting tomatoes, and going to various Alabamian cities for weddings, moving furniture, and visiting family.

But let's back up.

Prior to this summer I had every intention of moving to Charleston after I graduated for no other reason than it's a beautiful city that is generally supportive of people trying to make art.
While in Cortona, however, I had some helpful conversations with people in Atlanta (via the interwebz) and determined that I would spend the year here instead, pursuing some opportunities I wouldn't have anywhere else. Flexible planning is my game.

I decided early on I wasn't trying to be into the whole "move back home after graduation" thing. For some people it makes sense, but knowing myself, I need to be living somewhere new with my own space and have the impending threat of rent deadlines to make me snap into a new routine and GET A JOB already (because it's a simple task, right?). It also helped when I realized I have juuuusssst enough saved up to where I probably won't die immediately after being financially independent. Probably. But I'll keep you posted... That being said, shout-out to nannying and commission painting for handling rent this month.

And HERE WE ARE now.

Yesterday I moved into my apartment in Hotlanta with my best friend/cousin, Anna. With the help of my parents, her boyfriend, and sister and brother-in-law, we spent all day yesterday getting settled into our new home. The first thing we did after getting our things inside was eat Chipotle take-out on our living room floor. Priorities. And despite a couple burned out lightbulbs and an unidentifiable white power lightly coating the kitchen surfaces (cocaine?? Anthrax?!?) that have since been wiped down, the place is perfect for us.
Holler if ya wanna help unpack.