New Things.

As I sprawl on the sofa in one of my many Comfort Colors sorority t-shirts I have somehow acquired over the years despite having never being a part of any Pan-Hellenic organization, I find myself A) Uncomfortably full from dinner, and B) Thankful for new things, namely: This home, employment, friends.

The apartment, lovingly dubbed "The Wardrobe," quickly became home and is slowly but surely becoming attractive enough to not be ashamed of. (Problem #1: SOMEHOW we ended up with all gold-toned furniture in the living room... because we're fancy.) In addition to the new apartment is the new job. I am teaching high school art through January, and as a result I will definitely be paying my rent and bills. VICTORY. Also, I still intend to paint my own work and apply to grad schools. I'm including this information so I have it in writing and therefore have added incentive to actually do these things.

So many people have beef with post-grad life, and while I'm truly enjoying myself over here I'd be lying if I said this phase hasn't come with a couple adjustments. All of a sudden I am responsible for forging my path and finding my own work, not just to pass the time, but to pay for the necessities of life (but shout-out to the government for letting me ride my parents' medically-insured coattails until I'm 26). Then, there are the issues of re-establishing a routine, gaining momentum, making new friends, going new places.

I’ve been fortunate enough to become good friends with some beautiful people in the city, and even more fortunate to go on adventures with said friends. A couple weekends back we made it up to North Carolina for a trip in the mountains, which turned out to be utterly revitalizing and a necessary time of resetting. There is no substitute for hiking through the woods, sleeping outside, eating camp food, and embracing the incapability of taking a shower. And despite an accidental 8-ish mile detour (because who really needs marked trails, right National Forest Service?) in which we quite literally had to swing from branches and rock-slide/rappel down a small waterfall to return to an *almost* trail, everything was perfect. Trees boasted their fiery October shroud and smoky clouds rolled across the sky. A long day, capped off by a Ramen dinner, a fireside evening with campsite neighbors, a satisfyingly cold nights sleep and drizzly morning. All this followed by a drive back to Greenville for a hot coffee and bagel sandwich breakfast: bliss.

{The Art Loeb trail}

There are days that I’d rather sleep in, watch the Today show, make pancakes, and forsake all things work-related. Sometimes I miss the kind of days I spent here. I often daydream about what city I should look for jobs in next. Los Angeles? Portland? Boston? Somewhere in the middle of the Mojave Desert?

I’m not quite ready to be settled somewhere for the long haul, but I’m content with step 1, thankful for the new things.

{Last weekend: Prints by GC ArtTank students at Deeproots Festival}

{Family and Friends making beautiful music at Deeproots}