New Space, New Paints.

Hi, friends.

It's been a minute.

Re-cap: The teaching job came and went, it ruled, there are some awesome high schoolers out there. There are also some hellions trapped inside deceivingly grown-up-looking human bodies.
I miss them often.

January came to a close, February made her introduction, and then something weird occurred: I found myself working as an artist full-time. I am wildly unprepared, unequipped, skeptical and thankful. I don't know what I'm doing, but I try to pretend I do.
The Giver has been good to me, that's for sure.

I share studio space at the Goat Farm with a dear friend, Ashton (look at her work, it's magnificent), and a man who runs a theatre production company. It's not a forever-studio, but it's about four times the space I was working with before now, so I'll take it! Our across-the-hall neighbors are photographers and my first day working in the new space they were having a shoot to the musical stylings of what I can only assume was an explicit Ray-J Pandora station. That's when I knew I would feel at home there wouldn't get bored there.

Art installation at The Goat Farm by David Baerwalde

Feathered trolls at the studio

A peek of some recent work, currently on view at Anne Irwin

 And I feel I must share a few of these photos the remarkable friend/encourager/photographic wizard Christina Devictor snapped of me during a live-painting session at RoCo... because she creates beautiful images that deserve to be shared, and makes me look like a really fun mad scientist in the best way possible.