Let's be Thankful.

I'm a sporadic poster (see: my entire blogging history). But after going down the charming rabbit hole all night and morning that is Today's Letters (talk about #goals, amiright?), I'm enthusiastically hopping back on the blog-train, like a freshly-inspired idiot who makes sweeping statements with no actual plans. But a girl can dream.

Without further ado, things I'm thankful for lately: 

This sunset from Mt. Sassafras that has stuck in my mind since the January evening it occurred.

Patty Griffin + Sara Watkins + Anais Mitchell = the kind of magnificence that takes a while to process.

The beach condo that was once a particularly dusty shade of mauve (SMH), painted! Suddenly this place is quite inviting. 
The sounds and colors of a cold ocean in February.

And this. Because cookie cakes and birthdays are cause for great celebration.