Breckenridge & Denver

{Because grown-ups need spring break, too.}

We're young, like to ski, love each other and adventures, and needed no other reason than those to plan a ski trip over a long weekend to Breckenridge, CO. 
Two hotels, liters upon liters of water, four sets of matching purple ski pants, several PB&B sandwiches, a few elk burgers, a whole lot of sore muscles, and one torn ACL later (bless you, Gaines), we completed our grown up spring break with full and happy hearts.

Six girls, one Dodge Durango, and a whole lot of Jason Derulo.

Who doesn't love a room with a view?

Indeed, Narnia.

Not pictured: One minute later when I gracefully ate it and vowed to henceforth avoid moguls for the rest of my days.

Snow and twinkling lampposts are a recipe for something magical.

My dear friend Jessica drove over from Golden for a few hours. Getting to play and ride with her on God's playground (as she accurately referred to the mountain) was good for my soul.

Just some kids who love to ski with our gender-identifying pigtail braids (because honestly it can be hard to tell sometimes under all those puffy clothes...)

Here's to traveling light, making the fun times happen, and seeking out the beautiful things.