Let's Be Thankful.

{An ongoing series in which I remind myself of many good things, and that gratitude is indeed a choice worth making.} 

So, friends, let's be thankful:

For Azaleas in the front yard reminding me that "earth tones" is a relative term.

For those particularly pleasant times when weather, snacks, drinks, and company are all top-notch and simultaneous. 
(As they were this sunny afternoon at Wicked Weed)

For a wedding in the mountains with a date who can really cut a rug (and doesn't get mad at me when my swing moves get outta control and I end up accidentally elbowing him in the face).

For an Easter weekend filled with sisters, grandparents, cousins, feasting, gardening, tennis, cul-de-sac games, ice cream, bonanza, and remembering the day when life proved to be more real than death, and our stories were made infinite through such a remarkable grace .