House Paint and Puppies.

I've been using a lot of house paint lately. 
The vast majority of the paints I have been using in the current series are actually just samples from Home Depot. Something about the consistency, unlimited hues, and semi-gloss finish. I'm a fan.

A fan, except for times like Wednesday when I lost focus mid-painting and started staring into space, forgetting I was holding a small bucket of paint when my wrist just went limp, and suddenly I heard a splatter and noticed a large puddle of gray paint pooling at my feet and the resident studio pup bounding toward me as though I just spilled a bag full of milk bones and not paint a.k.a. poison (lest you thought artist life was void of any real danger)... 
Yes, it's times like those I feel less than thrilled with paint, in general, as a concept.