Hello, Fall.

Strange as it feels to state, September is in its final days and trailing close behind is the long awaited breath of fresh air known as Fall. 

As with the seasons, there are transitions and shifts taking place in my own life and work as well. For one, I'm preparing to move into a new studio space in the heart of downtown Brevard starting October 1. While I have loved my time in the Lumberyard Arts district of town, the new space offers a bit more space as well as an added level of security and optional privacy. Send me a message if you'd like to visit!

Additionally, I recently signed on with a gallery in Dallas, Texas - Bee Street Studio! I am so excited to have my work represented in such a wonderful city. This means I need to get to work on a series of paintings to send their way soon. Texas friends, stay tuned!!

And finally, what better way to kick off a period of transition than with a vacation? For the next week I'll be exploring Wyoming and Montana on trails and in rivers, and plan to bring back more inspiration than I know what to do with.

Happy Fall, my friends!