Artist Resources: How To Start Painting

Every so often I get a message from a fellow creative person (either professional or hobby) asking about what kind of paints I use, where to find good brushes, how to hang artwork, who inspires me, and more than anything "what do I need to get started?" So I decided to write a blog post and make a guide to cover exactly that! The resources in the 5-step Getting Started Guide will help you take that desire to create, and put it into a real practice from which you can grow, learn, and start to establish your personal style. (download the guide here

Once you've downloaded the Getting Started Guide and have established a comprehensive approach to start your creative practice,  check out a few of my favorite tools I use on a daily basis (and download the Materials checklist here!):


-Golden Acrylics are the go-to, followed by Liquitex.
-Holbein Gouache (often mixed with Golden gloss gel medium) add rich, opaque pigment.
-House paint samples from Lowes are great for blocking in muted colors.
-Windsor & Newton watercolors are my favorite for sketching.

-Princeton brushes are the best for when I'm feeling fancy.
-These synthetic cheap-o brushes are the best for everyday use and I don't feel bad when I ruin them.
-And these are my favorite mid-range brushes (and I only feel kiiiinda bad when I ruin them).

-Lily Stockman is forever my number one fave (and one of the first contemporary female painters I fell in love with in college).
-Christina Baker is one of my favorite artists and human beings.
-Raven Roxanne's color and layering sensibilities are incredible.
-Inslee's illustrations transport me and her Instagram stories make me laugh out loud and want to be her friend.
-Heather Day is one of my favorite people to hear talk about the creative process and the thoughtfulness of making art.

-Maria Brophy has been an incredible helpful and inspiring resource.
-Shanna Skidmore is another great go-to.
-Jenna Kutcher's podcast has been a wealth of knowledge.
-Beth Kirby's Raw Milk podcast has also been super interesting and helpful.

Now, before diving into all those resources, download the GETTING-STARTED GUIDE to help map out your first and next few steps in developing your painting practice!