Paintings for April.

As in any creative endeavor, styles shift and change with time. I felt a slight but definite shift in the studio when I was painting these - partially because I was using new tools which of course makes a difference, but also in the way they were approached. These were quick, more gestural, more layered, a bit looser. 

Now available through the gallery!

Bloom, Then Grow

, 36 x 48, Mixed Media on Canvas

Cloud Veil

, 36 x 36, Mixed Media on Canvas


, 40 x 40, Mixed Media on canvas

House Paint and Puppies.

I've been using a lot of house paint lately. 
The vast majority of the paints I have been using in the current series are actually just samples from Home Depot. Something about the consistency, unlimited hues, and semi-gloss finish. I'm a fan.

A fan, except for times like Wednesday when I lost focus mid-painting and started staring into space, forgetting I was holding a small bucket of paint when my wrist just went limp, and suddenly I heard a splatter and noticed a large puddle of gray paint pooling at my feet and the resident studio pup bounding toward me as though I just spilled a bag full of milk bones and not paint a.k.a. poison (lest you thought artist life was void of any real danger)... 
Yes, it's times like those I feel less than thrilled with paint, in general, as a concept.

Studio Updates & A Show.

{Ode to a new paintbrush, one upcoming show, and a handful of new paper works.} 

 One important bit of news is that I have found the cutest paintbrush in all the land, and it is mine, all mine. Fire engine red, wide-bristled, and rearing to hit the canvas. Indeed, m'friends, this is surely the dawn of an enduring companionship between painter and paintbrush in which new things of joy are created and shared.

- - -

And in other news, I shipped out a pile of paintings today for a show in Dallas, TX. If you find yourself in the area Thursday or Friday April 7-8, swing by and spend some time checking out the work.

Celebrate Art - Presented by Lindley Arthur Antiques & Interiors
Thursday, April 7th - 9am-5pm
Friday, April 8th - 9am-7pm

3612 Harvard Ave.
Dallas, TX 

Springtime in the Studio.

The air feels lighter, the sunlight brighter, and the paintings are starting to look like places I'd like to be. 

Current playlist:

The Fear - Ben Howard
Take up Your Spade - Sara Watkins
You and Me - Sara Watkins
The Age of Worry - John Mayer
Pine Away - Martin Sexton
Ophelia - The Lumineers
Promise - Ben Howard
Brothers - Penny and Sparrow