When I was just starting out five years ago, I had five million questions and practically zero answers. Here are a few of the questions I let roll around in my head for way too long:

How can I improve my artwork?
Is my work ready to share with the world or even sell?
How do I know when I’m ready to do this full-time?
How do I get the right audience to see my work?
How do I get my work in galleries?
How do I make a website?
How do I deal with shipping?
How do I price my work?
What’s a simple, effective way to organize the financial side of my business?
Should I keep my studio in my house or find a space away from home?
Are there any good books or courses to help me learn more?
I’m self-employed and haven’t interacted with another human in a week - how do I fix that?

As I hope is always the case, I am constantly learning and finding new ways to run a healthy, sustainable business, but I have certainly learned a lot along the way. In the past five years after graduating with an art degree I never expected to come in much handy, I have grown a fine art practice from what could hardly be considered full-time, to a six-figure business, with an audience fewer than 10K. And while income is one piece of the pie, I also am deeply passionate about helping people (especially you, creative friends) develop and maintain healthy practices - physical, spiritual, mental, and creative - that can often be swept under the rug when you are consumed with running this creative-business-ship, often all by yourself. Every person’s path looks different, but there are absolutely some super practical steps to help move in the direction of your goals. If you have asked yourself (or well-intentioned but unhelpful friends) any of those same questions and need a bit of objective guidance, I’d love to help you move forward by working with you to chart out a few next-steps for your art and/or business.

Half hour video session: $75
One hour video session: $125
3 one hour video sessions (1 per week): $350