The paintings are inspired by the power stories have to invite us into beauty and rest. Colors, textures, and marks in her paintings are inspired by elements of the environments in which our narratives take place: architecture, textiles, and details found in nature. 

Each day is comprised of moments both formative and fleeting that when woven together create a story. Sometimes our stories are short like poetry, and just as sweet. Other times they are complex and conflicting.

My paintings illustrate such stories – stories of peace, of bliss, of tension, of rest, of longing, but always of redemption. Faint layers and indistinct marks are only moments on their own, but together they create a narrative – a work of art. Abstraction, specifically, speaks to the power of mystery, and the undeniable presence of beauty and purpose even amidst what is undefined.  

I deeply believe all people carry an innate desire to forge connections with beautiful things. Through stories, paintings, songs - we want to be reminded of goodness; to listen, touch, or look on something that speaks to us and invites us somewhere beautiful. And there lies my desire in painting: To create and share the invitation into a unique story laden with abundant beauty and richest life.