Snippet 4x4

Snippet 4x4

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This is a mixed media abstract painting on cotton canvas, in a natural solid wood floater frame. 
Canvas measures 4X4”, and frame outer edges measure just over 5x5”.
Paintings are signed on the back of the canvas.

Shipped straight from my studio in Brevard, you can expect to receive your painting in 5 - 10 days!

Over the past couple years I have occasionally painted on large, loose canvas fabric that I would later cut down to a specific size. After cutting off the extra fabric around the borders, I was left with sheets of colorful canvas in odd sizes that I didn’t know what to do with, but also didn’t want to get rid of. Then a few weeks ago I decided to snip off a swatch of that canvas and stretch it around a tiny frame I had in the studio. After painting on some more texture and details, and repeating that process with a few other pieces, I had a handful of these delightful, expressive little abstracts. With a bit of attention they each have evolved and taken on a new life of their own!

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