Let's Be Thankful.

{An ongoing series in which I remind myself of many good things, and that gratitude is indeed a choice worth making.} 

So, friends, let's be thankful:

 Cherry blossoms that aren't certainly on our side of the property line, but aren't certainly on the neighbors' side either.

Warmer days, and afternoon light in the living room.

A weekend in the mountains at Sharptop Cove with these dear friends (and being the token blonde).

Fireplaces that remind you you're in the mountains with dear friends.

FORSYTHIA & CHERRY BLOSSOMS & MAGNOLIA LEAVES, because these things swell and calm and ignite and please my soul.

 Time in the studio, and reminders of just how fortunate I am to do this as a job.

A night with family (human and canine) on the patio, no jackets needed, dinner on the grill.