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I am an artist that has taken several random classes and experimented a lot but never went to art school and wondered what I was missing. Lucy's studio school changed all that. The classes are engaging (I stayed up till 2am because I wanted to keep going) and I feel like I just got all the best take-aways of art school without the several years of attendance, money and endless homework assignments and grades.

Jan M.

This is absolutely the best art course I have ever taken! Lucy's teaching style is excellent. No detail is missed in making sure the students know exactly what materials you are using from moment to moment...Thank you for offering this opportunity to learn to paint.

Mary B.

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced artist, I highly recommend Lucy's Studio School! Her classes are professionally presented and she provides clear and concise instructions every step of the way as she progresses through the painting. I have been so discouraged from landscape painting because many instructors present it as a technical and daunting process. Lucy made it really easy to learn. Thank you!

Mona P.