2019 Recap.

2019 was a full and beautiful year. Artistically I grew more than I have in quite some time, and from a business standpoint, learned an incredible amount. The growing pains are real, but as always, they are infinitely worth the insight and wisdom gained along the way.

More than anything, I am overwhelmingly grateful for your support this past year. Your kind words, comments, purchases, and overall encouragement hold so much weight and are what enable this whole thing to exist. My greatest joy is creating paintings that transform your space into a respite where you feel completely at home and invited into a field of imagination and rest. I’m always thankful to be a part of that process for you!

As I’m closing out my fifth year in business, I’m looking forward to 2020 and ready to dive into this next decade with a thousand ideas swimming around in my heart and mind. My hope and prayer is that I get to keep making art that invites you into goodness, beauty, and rest, for as long as it serves the people who want those things, too. For now, I’m hoping that means a lot more paintings, expanded print options, licensing collaborations with brands I love, workshops available in person and online, and resources to help you nourish your own creativity.

Thank you thank you thank you for another marvelous year, friends!

Here are some highlights and significant moments from the past year:

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