If you follow me on social media you know I love to pull color schemes out of photos. Seeing the colors from the image extracted and isolated helps me wrap my head around all the various nuances that give an image its tone. For example, if I see a photo I love (like any of these below) I’ll pull the colors away from the context of the image to view them together as flat swatches. Once the colors are on their own I can then imagine how I’d like to use those colors in a different image (painting, in my case) creating an entirely new context, but perhaps carrying over a similar tone from the photo I was initially drawn to.

When you're starting a painting it is always SO helpful to have a basic color scheme in mind. I generally like to have freedom when I’m working on a painting, but it’s true that a couple boundaries can actually help creativity thrive. I have a few tomato plants growing in pots on my porch and they depend on trellises to keep them from collapsing under their own weight, blowing over from the wind, and to encourage upward growth. Bringing something like a color palette (or defined subject matter or medium) to a project acts like a creative trellis - it gives it a direction for your idea to grow, and helps mitigate decision overwhelm.

That's why I put together 5 simple landscape color schemes to reference in your next creative project (painting, decorating, or anything in between)! Click the image below or HERE for your 5 free color schemes.

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