“Creativity” - It can sound so elusive and flighty and like something you either have or you don’t. We’re often encouraged in our creativity as a child, or we end up with the idea that because we can’t draw an accurate portrait or don’t love to color, we are “not creative”.

I hope it comes as no surprise that I find this silly and untrue in many ways. Every single one of us is creative.

If you cook meals, organize your home, get dressed in the morning, have conversations, contribute ideas, exercise, read, or solve problems, you have been engaged in the creative process - likely many times a day.

This step-by-step guide will walk you through six totally doable and tangible actions to help you tap into that creative process in order to establish a creative practice.

Key words: doable and tangible - nothing elusive and flighty here.

Since my specialty is in the area of visual art, that’s the frame of reference I’m using in this guide, but if your area of creativity is in music, food, business, tech, etc, feel free to adapt these steps to the area where you want to cultivate creativity.

Click on the image to download the guide: 6 STEPS TO KICKSTART YOUR OWN CREATIVE PRACTICE


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