January 2020 Recap.

As with most Januaries, this month felt about 186 days long. Not in a bad way, just in that it was slow, filled with sick days (first me, then Dakota, then me again, then Dakota again), readjusting to routine, and getting our ducks in a row. For 5 days we were in Orlando and somehow I do not have a single decent photo from the trip - likely because that overlapped with several of my sick days. However, once we were back and the flu finally left our house, I spread out my massive year-at-a-glance planning calendar, listed out my goals and plans for 2020 and mapped out the structure for my year ahead. I love the clarity a new year brings, and the chance to step back, re-evaluate, cast vision, and identify some stepping stones that will help us get from point A to B.

January has been filled with calendar-ing (feels like a real verb), cold morning walks with Finn, business podcasts and books, catching up on commissions, and painting my newest collection, the Blue Botanical Oil paintings.

As excited as I am to dive into all the new year holds, I always want to stop and appreciate some favorite moments at the end of each month:

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