If you follow me on Instagram you have seen my studio start to fill up with floofy white blooms. The Magnolias have been a long-awaited and welcome breath of fresh air. Every now and then I can get stuck in a kind of creative autopilot where I'm painting things I've painted before without allowing curiosity and wonder lead the way. Now, I'm sure this isn't unique to painting - with any job or routine we can get stuck in the doldrums occasionally - but the Magnolias seemed to arrive at the perfect time. 

Every morning when I take Finn for a walk around the neighborhood I admire the Magnolias currently in their full glory. The perfumey scent drawing in the tiny buzzy bees circling the centers, blooms the size of dinner plates. Everything about them felt like an invitation - like headlights dotting their deep green backdrop. I started sketching out some studies, and next thing you know, my studio wall is covered in Magnolias, with even more to come. Stay tuned for the Magnolia collection, coming July 14th!


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