March 2021 Recap.

And now, a recap from the beautiful month that was March. Finally, Spring feels like it's here to stay and I could not be more thankful. 

To start out, I'm happy to share a couple resources I was glad to contribute to:

1) Ella Anderson's guide on how to confidently buy art online

2) Redfin's blog post on how to bring life to a windowless room

 And a few other noteworthy parts of March:The Creative Space Membership

The Creative Space membership came into the world!

Studio paintingsThe studio is filling up with partially-painted panels

Like this colorful beauty!

Spring is finally here

Oh, and Dakota found a handful of bunnies...


I brought the sketchbook out for a bit

New landscapes all around

Afternoon light in the studio

One of my personal faves

A handful of paintings in progress from the English countryside stirring up my travel hopes and dreams

Prints are on the way!

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