May 2021 Recap.

I don't know about you, but I have never felt more ready for summertime. Everything feels more alive (both internal and externally), and for the first time in a while I'm feeling excited about new ideas. May was a month filled with colorful paintings, long walks, wildflowers, and landscapes. Here's a quick highlight reel from the past few weeks:

The Williard Gallery opened in Maine, and I'm thrilled to have a handful of paintings in the beautiful space, including the two little landscapes pictured here.

The six landscapes I sent to The Willard Gallery.

Pepperminty Mountain Laurel seen on my morning walk.

The new canvas landscape prints are available!

Dog days in the studio with Finn.

A new 36 x 48" abstract painting in the studio that feels like a fresh breath of warm summery air!

And a 30 x 40 abstract that feels like a cool dip in the river at daybreak.

Now, onto greener pastures in June.


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  • Meredith Perdue

    Thank you for the love for The Willard Gallery, Lucy! I’m so pleased to be able to show your work here in Maine. Loving the new abstracts in this post and, of course, Finn in the studio. Happy June!

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