This week (Wednesday for email subscribers, Thursday for everyone) a fresh bundle of colorful botanical paintings will be available! 

I painted this collection especially with Mother's Day in mind, so you can send your mom (or grandmother, or mother-figure, or BFF, or yourself) some flowers, even if you can’t be there to celebrate her in person this year. 


Last year leading up to Mother's Day, I painted a collection of small colorful botanicals for the first time. It quickly became an especially meaningful painting series.

The day before the collection sold out, my family and I said goodbye to my mother's mother. Over the years my sisters and I collectively painted hundreds of pictures at the vinyl-covered card table in the sunroom of her Birmingham home. We sculpted tiny clay animals, cut up old magazines to collage, practiced songs on her piano, and tore through stacks of fabric to tackle sewing projects on her antique Singer. My grandmother taught us how to paint, and enabled constant creativity across all mediums as far back as I can remember. 

 In reflecting on her life filled with beauty and art, the Mother's Day Flowers collection took on a new significance, not only honoring our own Reiser matriarch, but also celebrating my own mother and the many women in all of our lives who encourage creativity and continually lead us with patience, grace, and flair.

Let's send these women some flowers.


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