State of the Studio: July Update


- Well if it isn't the most charming rural English guest house you ever did see… 
- My very pregnant self has recently rediscovered the joys of the $2 community pool. This pool float and a Kindle full of beach reads are really elevating the whole experience. See below for photographic evidence.
- Speaking of beach/summer reads, I have Annabel Monaghan's new book sitting on my coffee table and I can't wait to start reading. 
- Captivated by these images from the 2023 Food Photographer of the Year awards.
- Sana Javeri Kadri's home makes me want to reupholster my sofa in hot pink. Also, those dining room chairs!! 
- For those of us who won't make it to a beach this summer, we can live vicariously through photos of these European coastal towns.


- The main thing happening over here is just waiting to have this baby within the next few weeks! I'll be taking a few months off (or mostly off), but studio manager Lorna is still packing and shipping every order that comes through the studio while I'm gone. 
-Starting July 28th I'll have some paintings in a show at Shain Gallery in Charlotte. Stop by if you're in the area!
- If you're looking for larger paintings, check out what's in stock at the wonderful galleries I work with: Anne Irwin Fine Art | Bee Street Gallery | The Willard Gallery
-Do you have a friend who likes art, design, books, podcasts, gardens, and colorful things? Invite them over! Forward them this email and share the love.


- Thriving in my community pool era (while fighting the good fight against sunburn with everything I have) and neighborhood Magnolias that just won't quit!!

Until Next Time, 

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