State of the Studio: June Update


- Ever since I dog/house-sat for a family who had this hand soap in their kitchen in the summer of 2015, the scent has embodied summertime for me (I'm also a fan of the candle version).
- Surprised and delighted by Chloe Fineman's West Village home.
- My friend from college (and fellow art major), José Ibarra Rizo, photographed this incredible article for Rolling Stone about Uvalde High School's Mariachi team.
- I just finished up this book so now I am compulsively scrolling through these Maine home tours.
- Adding my voice to the horde of people recommending Jury Duty.
- Do yourself a favor and treat yourself to a pack of these pens. I ran out a few weeks ago and spent a while using a ~regular~ pen and it's just not the same. 
- A new podcast with 5-ish minute episodes perfect for a quick morning listen.


- Well, folks, next month I am supposedly going to have a baby (which is a WILD sentence to type), so in the meantime I'm restocking galleries, preparing for a Studio School sale later this summer, and starting to slow down a bit and “get ready” (impossible, I'm told) for this little creature to arrive. 

- Just two days ago I sent a load of new paintings to all three of these galleries:
- I'm adding a few new prints to the shop in the next couple weeks (two canvas abstract prints and at least one new Magnolia), so keep an eye out for those!
- Do you have a friend who likes art, design, books, podcasts, gardens, and colorful things? Invite them over! Forward them this email and share the love.


Dakota and I had THE loveliest weekend just an hour away from home. Activities consisted of lounging, eating ice cream, reading, and not much else.


Until Next Time, 

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