State of the Studio: November Update


- I loved this book, and now I'm really enjoying watching it as a TV series!
- Squealed with delight looking at this tiny colorful Stockholm apartment.
- I'm usually more of a ThredUp gal (45% + free shipping with that link, btw) when it comes to clothes shopping, but I was influenced to buy this Lulu dupe hoodie and it has been perfect for chilly morning walks.
- I recently listened to this book and am trying to embrace the “no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes” mindset heading in to the winter. Wish us luck!
- Speaking of ~outside things~ I thought it would be fun to fill out one of these1000 hours trackers. We'll see if we hit all thousand by this time next year.
- A podcast for when you want to hear the overall gist of any given celebrity memoir without dedicating the time to actually read it.
- Raisa Sandstrom has such a beautiful, smartly designed kitchen.
- Alright, this is a niche topic, but do any of you have a cargo e-bike?? I'm in the market and I want to hear your thoughts/recommendations/reviews! Respond to this email and tell me all about it.


- Ornaments are coming! Also, there's an 85(?)% chance I will get my act together and make calendars this year. I'll email as soon as they're ready, but in the meantime stay tuned for updates
- If you're looking for larger paintings, check out what's in stock at the wonderful galleries I work with: Anne Irwin Fine Art | Bee Street Gallery | The Willard Gallery
-Do you have a friend who likes art, design, books, podcasts, gardens, and colorful things? Invite them over! Forward them this email and share the love.



The studio is really showing off this Fall.


Until Next Time, 

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