State of the Studio: October Update


- Currently reading this book for the cousin book club (fun fact: I'm in a book club with all my girl cousins. There are eleven of us and we're a fun bunch). 
- Unsurprisingly, this headline sucked me in: “A magical 16th century Cotswold millhouse full of secret nooks and unexpected colour”
- I recently updated my Amazon shop with some art-related and life-related favorites (including baby/pregnancy/postpartum things) if you're feelin' shoppy.
- Recently I've been loving this podcast, where musicians take apart their songs and tell the story of how they were made. 
- Shamelessly into all the pumpkin things, including these NYT muffins which were fantastic (but add chocolate chips, obviously).
- Speaking of food, if you live near a Trader Joe's, or make a pilgrimage to the nearest one every couple months like I do, I recommend following this account.
- What a lovely flower garden.


- ICYMI: I had a baby! Parker was born July 28th and is a perfect little angel bb. I've been taking the past couple months off, but am VERY excited to slowwwly get back into the swing of things. 
- I can't believe I'm already painting ornaments but the Holidays are just around the corner! Stay tuned for updates.
- If you're looking for larger paintings, check out what's in stock at the wonderful galleries I work with: Anne Irwin Fine Art | Bee Street Gallery | The Willard Gallery
-Do you have a friend who likes art, design, books, podcasts, gardens, and colorful things? Invite them over! Forward them this email and share the love.


My new human. He's the very best.


Until Next Time, 

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