3 Creative Practives

Whether you are a painter, writer, musician, have a job in an artistic field, or simply like to keep your creative mind and spirit engaged, you know creativity is an ongoing practice. It’s not a one time lesson to learn or a task to complete, but a way of thinking and being that we get to revisit any time we please.

1) Fill a blank page

If you feel like writing, grab a journal, if you don’t have words today,open your sketchbook or pull a sheet out of the printer. Set your timerfor five minutes and spend that time writing, drawing, coloring, or doingwhatever you can to fill the entire page - whether with words, shapes,colors, or a combination of all the above. If you feel paralyzed or areputting pressure on yourself to make something perfect, make a plan putting pbeforehand to throw it away as soon as you’re finished. This is ALLabout the process of expression, not the final product.


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