The Creative Space


Welcome to The Creative Space!

Deepen your creativity, learn from other artists, and reclaim a sense of imagination and rest.

Tell me if this sounds familiar:

-I’m burned out
-I need an outlet to do something life-giving for myself
-I want to be creative but don’t know how or where to even start
-I feel creative but don’t know how to channel it 
-I’m working on a creative business and could use some practical guidance and inspiration
-I want a space to learn from other creative people 
-I’m sick of feeling like I’m on a hamster wheel of “productivity” with zero inspiration
-I need a way to keep track of my goals, dreams, and be more present

If you can relate to ANY of those statements, The Creative Space membership was quite literally MADE for you.


Now more than ever we need the space to slow down, to step out of the endless cycle of productivity and burnout, and to be creative.

Count me in!


But first things first...

Hello there! I'm Lucy. For the past seven years I have been working full time as an artist, and I know firsthand how easy it is to lose steam, to get bogged down in comparison and doubt, and fight the ever-present threat of burnout. However, in that time I have ALSO learned some tried and true practices for growing and sustaining creativity, bringing ideas to life, and making space to rest & refuel. 

So what exactly is The Creative Space?

The Creative Space membership is like a virtual creative retreat that lasts all year long. Here’s what you can expect to find inside the membership each month:

1) Recorded conversations with one of my most talented, inspiring, creative friends (viewed as a video or listened to as a podcast).

2) A new creative practice designed to unlock your imagination and draw inspiration from your everyday surroundings.

3) Practical tips and techniques to grow a creative business in a healthy, sustainable way, including workbooks and journal pages to apply what you learn.

4) Welcome pages to plan your weeks ahead, along with my watch/listen/read/enjoy recommendations specifically for TCS members.

5) Reflection logs to help track facts & figures, as well as goals, dreams, and the many things worth celebrating.

6) A Q&A Ask-me-anything every month


-A quarterly book club 

-A community area to share thoughts, ideas, conversations, and connect with other TCS members in a space that does not require social media.

-Access to The TCS Library, which is an ever-growing collection of books, articles, podcasts, and other curated resources, all with the purpose of helping you to deepen your creativity in a restful, life-giving way.

The Creative Space

is not another task to do or a course to complete. It is a space to exhale, to come back to your inherently creative self, and develop new ways to bring that creativity into the world, whether by way of your creative business or simply in the way you live your everyday life. YOU are creative, and the world needs more of what you have to offer. Will you join me?


-Will The Creative Space be open to join after this week?
Not for a while! I only open the doors twice a year.

-How much does it cost to join?
The Creative Space Membership is only $15 USD a month!

-I don’t have a creative business. Is TCS for me?
Absolutely. TCS is for anyone who wants to cultivate their creativity, regardless of profession or skill set!

-I DO have a creative business. Is TCS for me?
It is 100% for you! I am a creative business owner, so everything I share is built on that foundation. The creative practices and business practices we will cover all center around how to engage our lives (and businesses) with a sustainable creativity. Also, almost all the artist conversations have an element of guidance/mentorship which may be especially beneficial for you (at least, it is for me!)

-Am I locked into the membership for a certain amount of time when I join?
Nope! You can cancel any time.

-Other questions? Send me an email and I will get back to you ASAP!

Here's the Thing:

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