"Where You are Standing" Palette 8x10
"Where You are Standing" Palette 8x10

"Where You are Standing" Palette 8x10

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This is a 8x10 inch original oil painting on canvas board.

The palette abstracts in this collection come framed in traditional gold leaf frames. Outer frame edges measure 14x16 inches.

Paintings in the Earth Tones collection are invitations into wonder - reminders to pay attention to the delightfully colorful surprises hidden all around us, even in the most familiar scenes.

**Important note** Due to the very slow drying nature of oil paints, paintings will not ship until December or until the painting is fully dry and safe to ship. If you wish to give your painting as a gift before it has shipped, email me at hello@lucyreiser.com and I will mail you a high quality photo print of the painting to wrap as a symbol of the original art to come. Trust me, it'll be worth the wait!

Painting titles come from The Magician's Nephew - a book with some of my favorite descriptions of a dazzling world coming to life.